What benefits will your business receive from Google Business Profile?

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With almost all people using Google - the world's most popular search engine to find what they need, so Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) promises to be an essential platform that helps your business have the opportunity to reach more potential customers. Before figuring out the details of the benefits of using Google Business Profile (GBP for short), let's take a look at this tool's definition with Myvina before you decide to invest your time in trying it out!

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows you to list your business on the Google platform, which helps your business gain higher visibility on Google and Google Maps and ensures an adequate supply of important information for your consumers who are researching your business on Google or searching for keywords related to your business.
Highlights that Google Business Profile provides your business:
- You can encourage customers to rate and interact with them.
- GBP is your prestigious online business card.
- GBP gives customers your location.
- You can update your promotional events or business news.
- You can also add images of your business's products or services to GBP.

Why does your business need Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is an important tool helping your business interact with your target audience, as well as provide useful information to existing and potential customers. If you ignore Google Business Profile, you will miss out on potential sales, visibility, and revenue for your company with this list of benefits that GBP has offered:

1. Google Business Profile is a free tool.

Right, you can sign up, claim and manage your company in Google Business Profile for free. You can even update your business's information on Android and iOS mobile devices. A free and efficient resource that will be essential for any company whether a start-up or an established brand.

2. Increasing visibility of your business on Google Search and Google Maps.

With a long list of search results on Google, to ensure that your business is at the top of that list, your business needs to be displayed more on Google thanks to the Google Business Profile tool. That way you will have a chance to reach more customers near you than your local peers because you've achieved a better Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in related search terms in your local area.

3. Customers can easily reach and contact your business.

Google Business Profile allows showing important business information to customers to help them make better choices, such as:
- Business hours.
- Company name.
- Address.
- Feedbacks.
- Type of business involved.
- Images of the business.
- Company's events/promotions.

4. Increase your business's reliability.

The function that drives customer reviews is essential to help you build a trusted brand, create “online trust” and push sales.
Also, reviews that show up in your Google Business Profile can also help improve visibility on Google Search in your area. The positive reviews from your customers will create very effective organic traffic. Especially, purchasing decisions are also made faster when the business has many good feedbacks and reviews.

5. Create a free digital marketing and communication strategy on the “Posts” section included in the Google Business Profile.

Use your Google Business Profile posts to create offers, add products, deliver news and other updates directly on Google Search. Here, you can choose different call-to-action functions to increase conversions, such as the “Buy, Learn more, Sign up, Sall now, Order online, Booking” buttons.
It can be said that Google Business Profile posts are a great addition to your Digital Marketing strategy helping you reach more customers in Google Local Search.

Try this amazing tool now and don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.
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